Meet your new Top Gear presenters!

Another surprise announcement from Top Gear! We were expecting just one more new presenter to be announced to complete the trio, but now there’s seven (including The Stig)!

I expected to see Sabine Schmitz in the lineup, and I think she’s a good choice. As a former racing driver herself she knows probably more about performance cars than anyone else in this lineup. Her other appearances on Top Gear were entertaining and she comes across as a very likeable person.

Eddie Jordan is an instantly recognizable face in Formula One. His knowledge can’t be questioned, but I am not sure how he will fare as a presenter.

As for Chris Harris and Rory Reid, I can honestly say I have never heard of either of them. I can’t imagine that the BBC would hire people randomly for it’s biggest show, so I’ve no worries about these guys.

One thing is for sure - Top Gear as we know it is gone. The show looks like it will be a completely different breed than it was before. I can’t understand how people are getting so worked up about how they refuse to watch the new show as Clarkson, Hammond and May are not in it. The last two seasons of Top Gear showed that the producers were running out of ideas. It was a definite drop in quality from the previous years.

I think the ‘fracas’ might end up being a good thing for everyone.