Lifting the mouse

Matt Gemmell:

But there’s also another way. And don’t pretend that you can’t see the writing on the wall. The Mac, and the traditional desktop computing paradigm, is dying. I think Apple wants it to die, rightly so. And most normal people don’t even care. In a generation, they’ll barely remember. That’s a sobering thought.

I have a strong feeling about which way the wind is blowing, figuratively speaking, and I’m not going to wait until my hand is forced; I’m jumping now. Because I have the luxury of being able to, and because I think this is what I’ve wanted since before I was a writer, and before I was a software engineer previously, and before I knew how to use a pointing device despite already having ten of them. Since before anyone ever told me I should.

Probably the best justification of a tablet over a PC that I have read. Matts theory on the fate of PCs over the next few years is a bit depressing, but hard to argue with.