From Jekyll To Ghost

Roger Stringer, on his motivation for switching his blog from Jekyll to Ghost:

This blog tends to move engines every few years, WordPress, Second Crack, back to WordPress, over to Camel, then Jekyll and now nearly two years later, Ghost.

Ghost fits my current writing style, it’s markdown, and I can open it in any browser (or the desktop app) and just write, then publish.

With Jekyll, I’d either write on GitHub, or use an app, or use write locally and then push to GitHub, which was fine, but not as smooth as I liked it.

After using Ghost to write heavily with Coded Geekery (my other slightly more opinionated blog), I just like that flow better, so I made the switch.

I always find it interesting to see other bloggers opinions on the technology that runs their sites. When I first created this site, I was actually following a tutorial from Roger on how to set up a blog powered by Camel and hosted on Heroku. Fast forward almost two years, and we have both moved on from Camel to Jekyll, and now Roger has changed once again to Ghost.

For me, Jekyll and GitHub Pages still fulfill any needs I have for this site, and I hope they will for a long time to come, but the beauty of self publishing is that the content is yours. The freedom of being able to move to any other technologies is great, and something that is sorely missed if you look to the like of Medium, Twitter, Facebook, or most other publishing platforms.