iOS 11 is the buggiest release in years

Yoni Heisler, at BGR:

What’s unusual about iOS 11, though, is that it seems to be unusually and exceedingly buggy. While new iOS releases often have a few wrinkles to be ironed out, the problems users are seeing with iOS 11 are more pervasive and troubling than any iOS release in recent memory.

I have to agree with what’s being said here. iOS 11 has already gone through three minor releases since the official launch just over a month ago. That in itself is a sign that not all has gone to plan.

Battery issues have been widely reported. My iPhone 6S has never exactly had excellent battery life, but it’s getting slaughtered since updating to iOS 11. I’m seeing all sorts of strange bugs. Unresponsive home screen, apps quitting for no reason, Touch ID needing two takes, Mail stuck refreshing, and today’s bug: the clock has decided to disappear!