Blogging System Rewrite

Brent Simmons, describing the recent changes he has made to his blog:

I realized that I want my blog to be me on the web. This used to be true, but then along came Twitter, and then my presence got split up between two places.

To make this work, I needed two things that my old system from 2009 didn’t provide:

  1. Title-less posts, and
  2. The ability to run the site generator on my server, not just on my Mac.

In other words, I needed to be able to write tweet-like posts with no title — while on the go, on my iPhone or iPad.

It’s interesting to see the influence that has had on the blogging community. I’m seeing more and more of this style of posting.

Blogs set up with microblogging are interesting to read. It’s like having a Twitter feed with occasional long form blog posts sandwiched in-between.

The ability to cross post to social media ensures that you can keep your output under your control, as it always lives on your own site.

This is not something I see myself setting up as I don’t really post enough on social media to justify it, but it’s a smart move for anyone concerned with owning their own identify.