iPhone 3G: 10 Years Later

Great post by Stephen Hackett on the iPhone 3G. The 3G was my first iPhone, which I got for Christmas in 2008 - almost 10 years ago(!). For it’s time it felt like a huge step forward in technology, particularly when exploring the App Store and seeing what was possible.

The home button was noticeably soft to press, and as the months wore on, became harder to press without feeling like you were going to break it. 1 I loved the plastic back and the chrome trim. I don’t think Apple have made an iPhone since the 3G/3GS that feel as comfortable to hold.

I still have a lot of photos that I took on the phone from that time backed up to iCloud, and those photos still hold up really well today I think.

For all the progress that has been made over the past decade, the 3G still looks so familiar. Home button, big screen, border at top and bottom, mute switch, lock and volume buttons - these are all still present in more or less the same position of last years iPhone 8 line.

Despite this, as we move towards edge to edge design I have a feeling that the next few iPhone releases will make the 3G feel like a relic of the past.

  1. Nothing like the Taptic Engine that powers the home button of the 7 and 8 phones.