Camel on the go

I am very happy with Camel having used it for the past two months, but the one thing I was missing was the ability to publish new posts or make edits on the go via mobile devices. I remembered reading about this issue on Casey Liss’s site a while back so I said I would venture back through the archives to see was there any follow up to the problem.

Turns out there is!

Heroku can be connected to Dropbox which enables publishing on the go. The steps are easy, as Casey explains:

My mobile workflow is as follows: 1. Open up a text editor that speaks Dropbox and Markdown. For me, that’s Byword 2. Add/edit the files that need updating 3. Make sure those changes are saved to Dropbox 4. Go to the Heroku Dashboard, find the app in question, and open the Code tab 5. Add a commit message, and then click/tap Deploy

This also means there is no longer a need to use Git when deploying any changes which is another win. I now have most of the benefits of a more traditional CMS without any of the downsides.