Podcasts you should listen to

I listen to podcasts a lot, particularly while driving or walking to/from work. I don’t have a wide enough taste in music to always have something new to to listen to during these times, and I can’t rely on radio to have the shows I want when I want. Podcasts work best for me.

Here are some podcasts I listen to regulary. Most are weekly, others are more sporadic.

Accidental Tech Podcast

The show is described as “Three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely related matters.” - and I think that tells you all you need to know about it. Add to that John Siracusa’s typically razer sharp critique style and you got a good mix of entertainment and information.


This is fairly similar to ATP, except the views are light on the technical and more on the user side of things. Worth the listen alone for Federico Viticcis (of MacStories) insights into iOS. Find it on Relay.


John Chidgey analyzes what went right and what went wrong during disasters. He breaks them down in an easy to follow format and comes up with his report card based on his own experience as an engineer. Causality is part of the Engineered network.

Monkey Tennis

One for the Partridge fans. Four fans of Alan Partridge go through each episode of I’m Alan Partridge, providing interesting facts and a lot of quotes. Find it here.


Suzanne Kane and PJ Gallagher provide nearly an hour of entertainment regarding the goings on in Ireland for the previous week. They pick their heros of the week and tell us some strange animal facts. Hosted on SoundCloud.


Comedian Joe Rooney 1 interviews people in the entertainment industry about how they got to where they are. Always an interesting listen with plenty of laughs along the way. It’s on Castaway Media.

  1. Father Damo to you and I.