Must-have iOS apps, 2018 edition

Federico Viticci’s annual list of must-have iOS apps has been released - an annual tradition on MacStories 1. As per usual, I will talk about the apps on the list that I also have installed on my devices.


It’s hard for me to say that the Dropbox app is very impressive or essential unless you use the service itself. I split my cloud storage between Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud Drive. I should probable just dump everything into one of these services to simplify things. The Dropbox app itself does exactly what you’d expect, and does it well. It allows you to view, edit and organize files with ease and I’ve yet to see any bugs that prevent me to do so. With the release of by Apple, I do find myself using it a lot less, but at the same time I wouldn’t be without it.


If you have ever forgotten a password at any time, just download 1Password for your own sanity. I can’t count the amount of times it’s made my life easy. The app is actively refreshed and well supported on many platforms.


I’m not an active poster, but I find the Instagram app particularly good at recommending photos to me. I could spend hours trawling through the various categories. One notable issue is the lack of support for iPad. iPad is surely an ideal device for view Instagram photos. It seems very odd that this hasn’t been added after all this time, particularly with the might of Facebook behind it.


This is still one of my most used apps. Very little has changed since I last wrote about it, so I won’t repeat myself.


The best iOS podcast player in my book. Overcast has been completely redesigned in the last year and is going from strength to strength. It’s the app that I point anyone I know towards who is looking to start listening to podcasts.


Another app that I use on a daily basis. Google have added a dark mode which I love, and keep it on a steady update schedule. One complaint I have is that I that Chromecast integration has got less reliable in recent months. I’m not sure if it’s to do with the app or with Chromecast itself, but it’s a pain.

Google Maps

An app that speaks for itself. Apple maps is still nowhere closer to Google Maps in my book. I use Google Maps often, be it on mobile or desktop. It’s an excellent service that’s only getting better.

  1. ..and as it turns out - this website.