Alan Partridge: Nomad

Following on from 2011’s brilliant “I, Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan”, “Alan Partridge: Nomad” follows Alan on a journey in the footsteps of his late father, from Norwich to Dungeness ‘A’ nuclear reactor by foot 1.

The book is written in typical Partridge style, focusing in on the most mundane things you could think of, such as a visit to the London Container Terminal in Essex, the M20 motorway and Gatwick Airport.

Along the journey, Alan takes several detours which he attempts to defend as necessary, but which are clearly being used as a way of enhancing his career. He also frequently manages to cover only a fraction of the distance that he aims to each day, and spends most nights in a local B&B, usually leaving a poor review on TripAdvisor the following day.

Fans of Partridge will no doubt enjoy this book - I know I certainly did. For someone familiar with the character but not sure about reading a book about him, I’d point them towards “I, Partridge” first.

Highlight: A chapter dedicated to explaining the various reasons for Alan’s feud with Noel Edmonds.

  1. That plot would sound strange if it wasn’t for the fact that this is a book about Alan Partridge.