Website Updates

In an effort to not completely abandon this website, I have updated some basic stuff behind the scenes to keep it in a state where it can be updated properly.

The updates include:

  • Creating a ‘development’ branch for testing changes
  • Adding a gitignore file to shrink the size of the repo
  • Updating the Gemfile versions where necessary

I had not been using Jekyll or GitHub Pages correctly for a long time. I would usually just create/update posts from within the GitHub website directly.

That is admittedly a useful benefit of GitHub Pages and cuts out a lot of effort, but it leads to loads of unnecessary commits and makes testing any config or library changes more or less impossible.

These changes are minor 1 but they allow me to test changes locally on the website before pushing them, and bring some form of SDLC to the content here.

  1. And about 5 years late. I was doing things right for the first few months!