There hasn’t been an Apple event with leaks this bad for as long as I can remember.

The latest leaks published on 9to5mac have all but confirmed the look, names and functionality of the new iPhones which are due to be announced this coming Tuesday at Apple Park.

What’s most worrying from Apple’s perspective is that the majority of these leaks have come from Apple themselves, with their software being dug into by some talented people. 1

You have to admire the perseverance and skill of these guys in how they can dig into the software and paint a picture of what Apple are working on. But on the other hand it’s a shame to have all the excitement taken from the event.

Ultimately, it’s up to Apple to ensure that any pre-release software is as bulletproof as possible, which is easier said than done when you have this level of interest.

  1. Steve Troughton-Smith’s Twitter is basically the Bible on leaks.